The OK Factor 12:00 - 1:00 Saturday, June 16

The OK Factor

Classically trained musicians from the Midwest, cellist Olivia Hahn and violinist Karla Dietmeyer began collaborating in 2012 while pursuing their Bachelor of Arts degrees in music performance. They joined forces with the goal of creating musical experiences that would challenge their formal training. The result of this collaboration is The OK Factor, a duo experimenting in a number of genres, including bluegrass, jazz and popular music. Self-described as an alternative folk duo, they possess a unique and original sound, occasionally expanded by their collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Ehler Orngard.

The OK Factor’s debut album Water Street released in February 2014, a collection of their original compositions and arrangements of traditional folk tunes. Named after the main street in their college town of Decorah, Iowa, Water Street embodies the vibrancy and warmth of this community, as well as The OK Factor’s diverse compositional style and musical personality.

In addition to writing/composing, recording, and performing, The OK Factor is equally passionate about music education. They conduct workshops at all grade levels, where they teach and encourage young string players to view their instruments and formal training in new and exciting ways. Olivia and Karla believe sharing their love of music is a way for them to give back, displaying their appreciation for living a life of performing and composing.


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