Tim & the True Tones 5:30 - 7:30 Friday, June 15

Tim & the True Tones

Blues be rockin’ with Tim&TheTrutones !  This high energy trio brings their potent mix of musicianship, passionate performance and flat out fun to the stage every night.  With a large repertoire of roots based originals, they also offer unique covers of classic and contemporary blues and rock ‘n roll.

Tim Wagoner, guitarist and vocalist, majored in music at the University of Northern Iowa before setting out to chart his own musical course.  That road led him through 10 years in the Texas blues scene and 20 years in Nashville as song writer, studio musician and performer, traveling for 8 years with notable New Orleans based blues band Big Al & The Heavyweights, covering the lower 48 and releasing 5 CDs.  With Tim&TheTrutones  he continues the journey.

Paul Ferguson, bass guitarist and vocalist, began playing professionally in his teens and never looked back.  A prominent figure in the Midwest music scene for most of his life, Paul also spent years in Dallas, TX working with R & B, blues and original acts.  A founding member of successful area bands like Sugar Daddy, Major Healey, Wagg and Stackhouse, Paul brings it all to Tim&TheTrutones.  Nothing stands long without a strong foundation. Thanks to Paul, Tim&TheTrutonestands tall.

Corey Clark rounds out the group on the drums.  A natural born musician, Corey taught himself to play piano at an early age before finding his true niche behind the drum kit.  Also a veteran of the Midwest live music scene, Corey’s powerful style and positive energy fuel the band’s direct connection with the audience at every live show.  The close ties he keeps with countless friends and fans have been key to the success of Tim&TheTrutones.


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