Food Vendor Information

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Click here to apply to be a food vendor!

  1. Set-up/Tear-Down:  Food Vendor agrees to set up on Thursday prior to the Festival between the hours of 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. A specific time will be assigned to each vendor depending upon placement.  Site placement of the vendors is at the sole discretion of the Festival organizers.  Vendor agrees to arrive at the assigned time, prepared to set up.
  2. Hours of Operation: Friday, 12 p.m. – 8 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
  3. Safety Inspection: Please note that this Festival is held on the grounds of the University of Northern Iowa and all activity must therefore meet state regulations. Vendor agrees to have at least one staff person/volunteer on site on Friday, at 9:15 a.m. for the all-site safety inspection to be conducted by Festival organizers and officials from the University.
  4. Sales Tax Permit: Each approved vendor will be responsible for having either a permanent or temporary sales tax permit or must be a non-profit whose sales are not subject to sales tax. Each vendor must have their sales tax permit or a copy of their non-profit exemption letter on site.
  5. Health Department Regulations: Vendor agrees to follow all Health Department regulations related to food and beverage distribution.  Vendors must obtain the necessary permit and give a copy of said permit to CHAF at least 10 days prior to the festival.
  6. Insurance: Each vendor accepts full responsibility and liability for damages to persons or property arising out of its use and occupancy of the premises, and further understands that the premises presently used are the property of the University of Northern Iowa and that neither UNI nor College Hill Arts Festival assumes any responsibility for damages or losses that may occur to the vendor, its employees, agents or property by reason of such occupancy.  Each vendor shall, at least 30 days prior to its use of the premises, give to CHAF, a copy of a policy of public liability insurance naming College Hill Arts Festival as additional insureds.
  7. Electricity:  A limited amount of electricity is available for each site.  Your maximum electrical requirements must be on your application. To reduce the risk of blowing a fuse, only heavy duty extension cords may be used.  All such cords must by UL approved and NO repaired or modified extension cords will be allowed.  This will be verified at the Friday morning safety inspection.
  8. Disclosure of Vendor Owner(s): Each application must disclose the name(s) of the vendor business and the name of the primary person who will be present at the event.
  9. Vehicles: Each vendor will have one assigned specific parking spot for a car or pick-up – a matching parking pass will be distributed at Thursday set-up.
  10. Ice: Each vendor will provide their own ice.
  11. Change:  Each vendor will provide their own change.
  12. Vendor Fee:  Vendors will pay CHAF $100 or 20% of sales, whichever is greater. Vendor fee is due to CHAF no later than two weeks following the festival.