What is the Purchase Award Patron Program?
The program is a pledge from businesses and individuals to purchase art at the Festival. Purchase Award Patrons not only have the oppoortunity to select original art for their home or office, they’re also demonstrating to the artists the community’s commitment to the Festival and its exhibitors, which in turn works to recruit both new and returning artistic talent to the Festival. The Purchase Award Patrons Program has been a major factor in maintaining and enhancing the quality of the Festival.

Why does College Hill Arts Festival have a Purchase Award Patron Program?
The Purchase Award Patrons Program helps maintain the quality and integrity of our Festival. It encourages talented artists from around the United States to come to the Cedar Valley. It stresses to our artists that the College Hill Arts Festival is a great place to exhibit and sell their artwork and that, in addition to the wonderful crowd attending the Festival, there are already existing pre-pledged art buyers.

What are the benefits of being a Purchase Award Patron?
-First pick of the original art at a special preview one hour before the Festival opens on Friday to the public.

– Recognition with name in the Festival program and area newspapers. Also, with special red ribbons featuring your name which are displayed in the artists’ booths.

-The opportunity to select original art during a special preview period starting one hour before the Festival opens to the general public on Friday.

What is expected of a Purchase Award Patron?

In advance of the Festival, Purchase Award Patrons pre-pay $150.00 (or more if they choose) toward art which will be purchased during the Festival. All monies go directly to the artists.

How do I become a Purchase Award Patron?
Simply visit our Purchase Award Patron Program page and sign up now.

For more information, or to have a hard copy application sent to you, please contact:
Sally Jordan 319.266.5946 or jordans@cfu.net
Mary-Sue Bartlett, Co-Chair, 319.240.5639 [cell] or mary-suebartlett@cfu.net

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