Applicant Info

Basic Info for Artists: The College Hill Arts Festival (CHAF) is held the third week-end in June

  • Festival hours are Friday Noon to 8 pm and Saturday  10am to  5pm.
  • Friday general public opens at noon
  • Application fee: $25 per application (all categories)
  • Separate fee for each category application
  • Booth Fee: $250 for accepted artists due mid March
  • CHAF self limits to 75 juried Artists each year

Reproduction Info for Artists:

Reproductions of an artist’s one-of-kind original painting, pastel, drawing, collage or mixed media may be exhibited and sold subject to the following:

  1. All reproductions regardless of the reproduction method must be signed by the artist. If selling reproductions the artist must display, as part of the artist statement, which reproduction methods are employed (i.e. lithograph, giclee, etc.)
    2. All reproductions, whether framed or unframed, must be clearly and individually labeled “REPRODUCTION” or “LIMITED EDITION REPRODUCTION”. This notice must appear on the FRONT of each item displayed.
    3. Browse bins will not mix original art work with reproductions.
    4. Framed reproductions may be displayed in browse bins and/or hung on the booth.  Unframedreproductions must be displayed in browse bins.

Location: The College Hill Arts Festival (CHAF) is held at 23rd  and College St,

  • On the Univ. of Northern Iowa Campus in Cedar Falls, IA  next to Lang Hall (State of Iowa property)
  • State property rules apply: no animals, smoke & drug free area, no electrical hook-ups avail.
  • The University is in summer session during the Festival.
  • Site is approximately 500 feet by 500 feet.

Booth size: Each booth  space is a minimum of  13’ by 13’

  • Most  spaces are larger.
  • All booth sites are singles.
  • Mature trees scattered throughout the site provide partial shade (it is a park).
  • There are a few sidewalks (used as paved roads during set-up/break down).
  • All booths and walkways are on grass (no concrete or blacktop).
  • Some of the site has a slight grade of 1% – 3 %.
  • Special booth requests are at the discretion of the Festival & handled on a first come first served basis.

Set-up: Set-up starts after Artist check-in which runs 4 to 8 pm on Thursday and Friday 8 to 10 am.

  • Set-up must be  complete by 11:00 Friday morning (vehicles off the site by 10:00)
  • Breakdown begins after 5 pm on Saturday at the artists’ pace (most are gone by 7:00 pm).
  • Festival staff is available throughout to direct on-site traffic and answer questions.

Artist support: On-site free wi-fi,

  • Unload and load out assistance available (local Scout troop) with advance notice

NOTE: Unload/load assistance  hourly expenses borne by artist.

  • CHAF operates an Artists’ Hospitality House (“Honors Cottage” on map)

Artist Hospitality provides beverages and snacks both days and starts quite early

  • Overnight site security provided Thursday & Friday nights,
  • Artist booth relief team operates during Festival hours,
  • Battery charging area is available in the food court area
  • Artist restroom available in the Artist Hospitality House
  • On site ambulance and emergency action plans in place.
  • Periodic visible University police presence and overnight security.
  • Plenty of designated well maintained, air-conditioned public restrooms located in the University in Lang Hall at the edge of the site  (as well as at the Artist Hospitality House)

Artist parking: There is a University parking structure within a block of the site on 23rd St.

  • Paved outside parking lots are within two blocks of the Festival site.
  • A lot for oversize vehicles is about 4 blocks from the Festival on 23rd St.
  • Artists get a parking pass for the structure or lots.